Curious who you're dealing with? Here is all you need to know about tegenwoordige tijd, neatly packed together.


It's good to be different. To have something that separates you from others, whatever it might be. Because within that difference lies your added value.

Think about it. You have what other people lack: certain qualities, a strong motivation, particular habits, you name it. Perhaps even the combination of it all. So the unique mixture you're made of is what complements others.

Samesies for the product, concept, or service that you want to advertise. Dare to show the unique mixture of your business. Accentuate its features. Present it in an appealing, eye-catching way and it becomes much easier to relate to.

motion graphics

Get people to recognize your added value. Once you have their attention, make it count— with a spot-on impression of your business.

If you want to get your audience intrigued, there is more to it than showing what you can offer. They need an impression. To feel whether it’s the type of business they can get behind. Luckily, motion graphics are great for that.

Imagine a fine-tuned, appealing graphic. Combine it with animation and suddenly it stands out. It’s fun to look at, memorable, distinctive... and at the same time all kinds of possibilities open up to really accentuate the features of your business.


Set the right tone with motion graphics. Let's grab the attention of your audience, and get them properly acquainted with you & your business.

tegenwoordige tijd is a freelance graphic design studio specialized in motion graphics. It involves know-how from communication, usability, and coding in the design process to assure quality.

The studio is located in the Netherlands. It’s set up by Tiemen de Blanken (1988), who obtained his Master Graphic Design at AKV | St. Joost and his bachelor Communication & Multimedia Design at De Haagse Hogeschool.

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